Industry news
The enterprise culture
  • Enterprise spirit: 

    the pursuit of excellence innovation development.

    Core values: 

    integrity management, mutual benefit and mutual benefit.

    Corporate vision and mission: 

    to become an excellent stationery manufacturer providing quality writing tools.

    Enterprise philosophy: 

    create value for the customer development platform for customers.

    Business philosophy:

    We have been adhering to the "create value for customers, for staff development platform" of the enterprise the management idea, will update, stronger and more environmental protection thoughts into each product design, development, production, to provide customers with first-class products. Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit of the goal, we strive to ensure that you can achieve the greatest benefit and satisfaction on our products. At the same time we also provide a broader stage for the development of the employees, the construction of human nature, excellent enterprise culture, design reasonable salary system and welfare system, to create opportunity and platform for the employee's own development.

    Environmental philosophy:

    From the development and design stage, the "hero" product takes into consideration the importance of environmental protection, and strives to provide products that meet environmental protection and energy saving. From the production, sales, logistics, use, abandonment and other stages, actively adopt the materials and systems that contribute to environmental protection. We will continue to raise awareness of environmental protection, strive to improve the level of environmental management, and make positive contributions to society through environmental protection activities.

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